Mona Foma 2018

Welcome to the music and arts festival that marks the height of the Tasmanian summer. Mofo is one of our great events and is completely original. It brings together home-grown and international artists for an eclectic feast of sound and visual entertainment.

Music Performance previously on in Australia.
From Friday 12 January 2018 to Monday 22 January 2018

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 18 January 2018.
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Will Hodgman
Premier of Tasmania

Now in its tenth year, Mofo extends beyond Hobart and surrounds to include a mini Mofo in Launceston with a festival block party featuring local and international bands along with a major dance and music collaboration. This will provide even more opportunities for Tasmanians and visitors alike to experience this festival.

Mofo has been adding spark to our summer festivities since 2009, and the Tasmanian Liberal Government is proud to again partner with the Museum of Old and New Art to deliver the event in 2018.

Congratulations to the team behind Mofo.

Brian Ritchie

Everyone is born with a voice. Not everyone gets to use it freely. Mona Foma exists to give those voices a stage in Tasmania. Actually a lot of stages, rooms, lifts, chapels, churches, lawns, bicycles, rooftops, carparks, garages, parks, tents and teepees to say what they want, how they want.

The exciting news this year is a bifurcated version of Mofo. Big one in Launceston, huge one in Hobart. The Mofo and Mona teams are chomping at the bit to set off sparks with new partners in the North of the State.

Mona Foma 2018 brings artists from all over the world to Tasmania. Some are visiting for the first time. Others have moved here as immigrants or refugees. They’ll encounter hundreds of musicians, artists and facilitators who were born in Tasmania. Together a festival is created.

Not just any festival. Mona Foma is festive indeed. It’s a celebration of unique creativity and personal expression ranging freely across music, visual art, dance, spoken word, architecture, spas and more. Usually these things are rubbing against each other in unpredictable ways. The messages range from pure abstract form to blatant protest and a few stops in-between. Even the food, wine and beer are idiosyncratic.

Some of our artists are world-famous exponents of their vision, others come from the margins of society. Even from cultures where they would not have been allowed to create until recently. In some cases, not until they departed for our part of the world. Mofo gives everyone an equal platform and a chance to be heard.

David Walsh
Mona Owner

I’m in Seville, a city I’ve not been to before. It’s splendid—one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. And everybody knows it. The locals are proud, the tourists are agog, the atmosphere is feverish. Christopher Columbus left for the new world from here, and he inadvertently brought back most of what makes Seville so spectacular.

Recently my wife spent some time doing art in Launceston. I was there with her, and found it to be enchanting. But it lacked the fever. While Mofo has been fetching flair for ten years now, and depositing it in Hobart, plenty has been happening in Launnie, but not many know it.

Launceston isn’t Seville, and Mona isn’t Christopher Columbus, but I am curious to see if we can raise the temperature in Launceston. There’s nothing more interesting than danger. And there is nothing more dangerous than a new world.