Donner Vowel Mini Wah Volume Effect Guitar Pedal with 2 Modes

Music Product from Australia. Published by Donner Music on Thursday 01 December 2022.

Donner Vowel Mini Wah Volume Effect Guitar Pedal with 2 Modes image

You'll never worry about playing with two heavy pedals for volume or expression. With two in one you can just plug and play.

Two in One
The New Volume/Wah 2 in 1 pedal from Donner Company with the name of Vowel, which is also an analog circuit design pedal. 2-Mode Volume/Wah effects in the whole hard plastic little stomp box, and it is so strong and extremely lightweight, which provides convenience for guitarists.

Easy to Play
Press the footswitch to switch two different mode between wah mode and volume mode. LED indicate the current mode: Green LED mode is volume mode, and Red LED mode is wah mode. In wah mode, the response is based on the original Crybaby response. Press it and feel the vocal sweep and lush harmonics from the wah’s classic era. In volume mode, Donner designed a special active circuit that ensures keeping every detail of your sound. As a volume pedal, the Vowel could satisfy every strict demand of every guitarists.

Wonderful Design
As you can see, the Viper has a wonderful name design: Red body, wonderful LOGO design. Delivers both an excellent wah response along with volume function and all in a small footprint. Very small footprint and much shorter than a standard wah pedal or volume pedal. Made of hard plastic lightweight casing and very robust and well made. Enjoy your own fun and colorful music life.

Vowel Features
1. Two Modals: Volume and Wah.
2. Material: Hard plastic, stable and strong.
3. Input Jack: 1/4" mono audio jack, for connecting your instrument.
4. Output Jack: 1/4" stereo audio jack, for signal out.
5. Input Impedance(Volume Mode): 1M Ohms.
6. Output Resistance(Expression Mode): 100 Ohms.
7. Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative in the center).
8. Working Current: 140mA.
9. LED Light: LED indicator shows the working state.
10. Dimensions: 148.5(D)65.5(W)61(H)mm.
11. Net Weight: 250g.